Gift Ensemble

Our church is blessed to have a really active youth group with great youth pastors on staff.  The head youth pastor recently went on a much earned six-week sabbatical, and with one assistant youth pastor short, the other assistant youth pastor found herself in charge (with very capable help) for that time period.  Of course, she did a fabulous job and we wanted to let her know that we think she is pretty special.

Gift Ensemble

I made a card so that we could write her a note of thanks and encouragement and a coordinating little gift box.  I love how this hobby allows us to make little ensembles like this that perfectly coordinate.

Gift Ensemble Card

I thought this stamp from Big News would be perfect for her card.  She is pretty awesome and we thought she should know.

Gift Ensemble BoxI used one of the super cute Tiny Treat Boxes for her gift.  We found a necklace that represents the theme of an upcoming event, and we immediately thought of her when we saw it.  I love it when I can find a perfect gift for someone!  I wish that would happen more often.  I usually struggle with that.

Enjoy your Monday!  Thanks for stopping by!


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